QUESTIONS CENTRECategory: wordpressMy Slider Revolution is not working after migrating site to new domain
ZENHOST Support Staff asked 10 years ago

If you like to build your site locally or have moved your site to a new domain, chances are your slider’s image url’s need to be updated.

You can always update your image url’s manually, but this can also be done by performing a global update using one of the slider’s built-in options.

To do that, inside your slider’s main “Settings” page, scroll down to the “Import/Export” tab. Open up this tab, and toward the bottom you’ll see the “Replace Image Url’s” option. Enter your old domain into the first field, and your new domain into the second and click “Replace”.



1 Answers
ZENHOST Support Staff answered 8 years ago

After some style updates of the plugin, you still will find the option in the first page.